Forza Motorsport 5 Racing

Impresiones Forza Motorsport 5 Racing Game of the Year

Turn 10 is one of the most consolidated in recent years thanks to its great and arduous work Forza Motorsport licensed companies. This license will premiere at the Original Xbox and has evolved with each delivery and even jumping generation.

With Forza Motorsport 3 managed to take a significant leap giving more strength and securing the basis of what this license today. With Forza Motorsport 4 were exceeded and surprised all the public and even surpassed its most direct competition 

Microsoft has done has one of the most attractive licenses and better quality in the genre of driving simulation with Forza Motorsport and it is a beloved saga so fans and a large number of followers behind you expect to win every delivery departure market.

With the arrival of the new generation it was time to give an even bigger step and Turn 10 achievement surprise everyone with a spectacular cover letter for Xbox One. Forza Motorsport 5 is one of the best driving simulators to date and one of launch titles with the Xbox One who managed to show what could the new console from Microsoft and what we could offer in the following years.

This title will premiere a new graphics engine designed exclusively for console new generation of Microsoft and gets a very remarkable result achieving a very credible realism and sensations. He was also one of the few games that originally operated at achieving the long-awaited 1080p and 60FP.

Well now after leading the charts in several countries and be a benchmark for a while selling many units, Turn 10 brings us a new version to celebrate the great success enjoyed that includes the full game plus a car pack released for the game. In these lines we will not analyze the game since I already did and this version is basically the same game with more content, we just going to talk about whether this new version and its content really worth. To read our review of Forza Motorsport 5 you can do from this same link.

Forza Motorsport 5 Racing Game of the Year is an issue that includes the full game and the Top Gear Car Pack, the famous British television show about cars of all types presented by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. This package includes 10 new cars that will become part of our garage and we can enjoy total freedom can compete with them and customize them. Some of the cars included in this pack of Top Gear are the Holden Racing Team # 10 Xbox VF Commodore 2013 the Chaparral 2E # 66 Cars 1966 Audi RS4 Avant or 2013.
    All cars are faithfully recreated with great detail and sound and roar of your engine, are a show and have them in our garage we provide more variety of vehicles. Keep in mind that this content is priced at € 9.99 and the price of this new edition Racing Game of the Year is € 44.99. We think if you have not enjoyed the game, which you should if you are motor fans, this issue is a good way to get started with the game although we think the opportunity to relaunch the game has been missed since only includes a pack of content additional to all who have been released and the case of an edition of "Game of the Year" should of having included all.
However, the hours of game that offers this game are endless and if we can do it at a somewhat reduced price of its standard version and also with additions such as those 10 cars Top Gear pack for the better. Also, remember that Turn 10 has also distributing some cars and circuits free thing is appreciated.

Without much more to tell you about this Forza Motorsport 5 Racing of the Year, just at the moment when we are writing this play is a bestial off nearly half of which has been the usual due to the deals Black Friday and that this time yes that you can not miss this great gem.

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Fans of hungry Rugby Union for authentic representations of video games their favorite sport for years, with the last really strong rugby rugby match at 08. Unfortunately Rugby 15 is not the game to break the drought. In fact, it is a complete disaster.
Of all the different sports to share the "football" classification, Rugby Union is one of the most difficult for beginners to wrap their heads in with a variety of rules and complexity. While scoring points is the same logic as other forms of football are always trying a ball on a test line or a bullet between the conversion kick goal posts to time, contains a number of important standard situations.
For example, the ground is obtained by a kicking game, which is governed by specific rules if the ball lands on the right, jumping in front of the offside line or
Rugby 15
February 2015

Take the tip of the official teams and clubs of the most prestigious leagues: Guinness Premiership Rugby, the PRO-12, and in an exclusive world, the TOP 14 and PRO D2!
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Emulator PS4
Up to 14 live darts 3DNBA on full trapped behind the 22-meter line and 'marked'. The team in possession can run as many phases as they want, unless there is an injury or to contact the ball. If tackled, the player must release the ball, as players from both sides piled in and form a fool, that can not be entered from the side. Scrums and mauls can be used to push the ball on the line or try to gain precious meters, while the line-out kicks are to the upside.
In short, Rugby Union is to learn a difficult game, and developer HB Studios congratulated for condensation, the complexity of the game in a relatively simple arcade control system. Unfortunately for players hoping 15 Rugby goal is to be the union for understanding, there is a lack of a significant tutorial, nor any way of specific training for different components of sport. Instead, you must learn ten static displays and training in the game control stores.
In most cases, the controls are very easy to learn, but after the kick-off will almost immediately. While I was playing, it was always clear that the gameplay stops and starts based on what the player does. While it is nice to be in the thick of it, it is for boring rugby because both sides stand around and wait for you to act.
For example, at kickoff, your AI teammates are starting to move only after you have completed the drop-start the game, and the kicker is stuck in place for a second or two before moving. Even if you put the reader immediately after the bolt, it is impossible cheeky ten meter starts / restarts you make the ability to win possession and just catch up.
Similarly, there were times when I moved the ball from the back of a ruck and just stood there and watched the opposing team standing around without touching my possession until I took a step forward. The best tactic was deliberately renounce possession too easily meters to win. I found the most successful and reproducible tactics, regardless of difficulty, is to kick a field from the back of a ruck by the rise was. As the kick stayed on the field and off the 22-meter line (where the AI to make a mark), it's incredibly easy to force a turnover.